Unfortunately, some people lose a great deal of money after being mis-sold a high risk investment by a financial adviser or organisation. Our specialist team can help you claim compensation for the financial losses you have suffered.

Our team are dedicated to helping UK residents claim back the money that they could be owed from bad high risk investment advice.

Can You Make a High Risk Investment Reclaim?

Often, risky investment schemes are marketed and sold as unique and niche opportunities promising high returns. However, all too frequently these opportunities are pushed by financial advisers who receive high commission for such transactions and their selfish actions can cost people their life savings.

Whilst it is always important to ensure the financial decisions you make are well considered, if you have been wrongly advised or given misleading information, you could have a claim for compensation.

Those who have been wrongly advised to make a high-risk investment may find that their choice does not provide them with the return they were expecting, or may suffer a permanent loss.

This has particularly damaging consequences for those who have invested their retirement savings. If you were mis-sold investments or provided with misleading advice about how an investment would perform, you may be able to claim compensation for the loss you have suffered as a result of this advice.

What is a High Risk Investment?

Whilst all investments pose some level of risk, a high-risk investment may have a high probability that it will underperform or that the losses will be great if the investment fails to perform. Some examples of this are:

  • Structured products with return depending on a strict set of rules, making it difficult to comprehend how it will perform.
  • Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs). There is no guarantee that the new company you put money into will perform and it can take years to see results, if at all.
  • Spread betting is, in essence, a gamble and is such a very risky choice.
  • Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are similar to spread betting, and you may actually lose more than your initial risk.
  • Land banking is also risky as you invest in a plot of land which may not be granted planning permission.
  • Unregulated collective investment schemes (UCIS). This is where the assets you have invested in are not regulated.
  • Toxic investments are dangerous and unregulated and could lose you a lot of money.

If you have invested in any of the above types of schemes and your financial adviser did not properly warn you of the risks involved, you may have been mis-sold a high-risk investment and be entitled to compensation.

Are You a Victim of Investment Mis-Selling?

There are a number of ways in which you may have been mis-sold investments, listed below are some examples of common scenarios resulting in mis-selling:

  • Where you have been told to invest all or most of your savings in a single product or choice.
  • Where you have not been properly advised about the risks of certain types of decisions and make a poor choice as a result.
  • Where you buy a legitimate investment, but the product is far too complicated for you to fully understand or is not suitable for your circumstances.
  • If you have purchased an investment without being properly advised of the risks, fully understanding the product, been given misleading information or have been sold a product unsuitable for your circumstances you may be able to claim compensation for any financial loss you have suffered as a result.

Let Us Help You Claim Compensation for Mis-Sold Investments

If, after reading this information, you believe you have been mis-sold investments by a financial adviser or organisation, it is essential that you receive advice as soon as possible. Often, high-risk investments are not regulated by the FCA, this means that it may be necessary to begin court proceedings to recover any loss you have suffered as a result of mis-selling.

If  you have been a victim of investment mis-selling, pension product or any other financial product by your financial adviser or organization, we can help. Our team of experts have helped many people just like you reclaim thousands in compensation. 

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