More About Us and How We Can Help You

Pensions are for some of us the single most important financial product we will purchase in our lifetime. However, we fully rely on professionals and experts to advise us on what we should do with our pensions and which pension products we should purchase.

Unfortunately, some financial advisers and organisations have taken a reckless attitude toward these important products, and pensions have been widely mis-sold under a variety of circumstances.

The consequences of mis-sold pension products can be life altering and can cause a great deal of worry and stress. Many people lose a large portion of their retirement income as a result of pensions mis-selling.

Our team here at Expert Pension Claims want to help you claim compensation if you have been mis-sold a pension products.

We deal with all kinds of pensions mis-selling claims including mis-sold pension claims, SIPP claims, SERPs claims, pension transfer claims and high-risk investment claims.

If you have been given advice that was not appropriate for your circumstances, advice that was misleading or advice that was incomplete, you may have a mis-sold pensions claim. Pensions are a complex financial product and the process of making a mis-sold pension claim can be challenging, however we want to make it simpler for you to claim compensation where you have lost out on cash crucial for your retirement.


The Ethos of Our Team

Our team have years of experience in making financial product claims and will treat your claim with empathy and respect. We understand the devastating effect mis-sold pensions can have on your lifestyle, causing you great stress and worry. However, when you contact our specialist team we will assess your claim and if there is a prospect of success, begin a detailed investigation into your claim.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you claim the compensation you need to fully enjoy your retirement.

Our team of specialists here at Expert Pensions Claims can help you reclaim thousands in compensation. We work on a No win, No fee* basis, and we will ensure you fully understand any fees and rates applied, with no hidden costs.

We will work with you to help you realize whether you have suffered any additional financial loss as a result of a mis-sold pension product and we will ensure you claim amount reflects this loss. When you contact us, we will assess whether you have a claim and one of our professional team will begin a detailed investigation. We will work closely with you, so you always know how your claim is progressing.

If you need help making a mis-sold pensions product claim, contact us today.