From mis-sold pensions to high risk investment scams, the unlawful act of financial mis-selling has destroyed the reputation of many trusted brands over recent years. 

To put it simply, the UK’s pension mis-selling scandal stemmed from certain areas of pension investment being unregulated. These include certain types of SIPPs and defined benefit transfers. Unfortunately, many consumers in the UK did not know that such financial schemes were illegitimate. Trusting the advice that they were given, many people have therefore been mis-sold to.

At Expert Pension Claims, we have seen a huge increase in people seeking compensation for their mis-sold financial products. Because of this, we want to shed some light on how exactly the pension mis-selling scandal occurred in the UK, and why so many people are still affected by it. 

Why were pensions mis-sold? 

The financial services industry is now one of the largest industries in the UK, with a huge range of products and services on offer to the general public and businesses. That being said, it is not uncommon for financial advisors to use crafty tactics to make a “sale”. For example, they may not properly explain the terms and conditions of purchasing a certain product to you. 

When it came to people’s pensions, many people were given poor recommendations about their product, and this led to a huge increase in compensation claims

Are pension products designed to de-value customer investments? 

Although pension products have recently come under huge scrutiny from regulatory bodies, it’s important to know that these products were not originally designed to de-value your pension pot. 

Like any product or service, pension products are designed with a specific target audience in mind. Speaking of this, the pension mis-selling scandal therefore occurred as a result of investors targeting people outside of this target population. As well as this, advisors used huge incentives and lucrative deals to lure these people in and create a mis-selling culture. 

How can I claim compensation for bad pension advice? 

At Expert Pension Claims, we have a strong track record in helping people get their money back for their mis-sold pension, SIPP or investment

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