Five former footballers have withdrawn ‘pension mis-selling’ claims against a business consultant.

Robert Lee, Steve Stone, Warren Barton, John Beresford and Paul Kitson have withdrawn claims against Kevin Neal after he sued for libel, the High Court heard in April 2021. The libel claim is now closed.

The court heard the men had, through their solicitors, communicated their claims to the Daily Mail, which published allegations on November 26 that Neal had ‘provided fraudulent and negligent advice, which left their retirement plans in tatters’. 

But Neal’s solicitor, Hugo Mason, told the court that a ‘claim form and particulars of claim’ had never been served on Neal.

He said a ‘default judgment’ had been ‘irregularly obtained’ against Neal but not served on him. 

‘The men had set aside the default judgment and had ‘withdrawn their claims against Mr Neal’.

In January 2021, EPC commented on this case based on the allegations made by the five footballers and published in the Daily Mail in November 2020. Due to the default judgement being set aside, the information EPC published has caused embarrassment to Mr Neal and EPC apologise for that embarrassment. Our article related to two cases concerning Mr Neal and two of his now insolvent investment companies. 

 Our article has been removed on his request.