BBC News have recently reported on how MPs are due to increase their inquiry of miss sold pensions to defined benefits scheme.

As many loyal workers at BHS have since found out the true dismay their pension pot could be left in after the collapse of retail giant British Homes Stores. Lesley Titcomb the CEO of the pension regulator is asked if she could have used her existing powers to stop the sale from Sir Philip Green to Dominic Chappel as it was being sold with a huge pension deficit.  

The results of this sale have left real life problems for BHS workers facing retirement. With over 20,000 workers facing a lower income in retirement because of the pension deficit that BHS holds.  

MPs are calling for lessons to be learned and tighter controls to be put in place to avoid this happening again in the future.

Companies are responsible for pension provisions of their employees and with the roll out of auto enrolment this will now only begin to effect more and more people if regulators do not take control.

Expert Pension Claims work with you if you feel you have been mis-sold your pension. This can be down to poor advice and we have also become the consumer champion for people who opted to invest outside of the controls of the FCA under the advice of poor or miss leading financial advice.