Did you invest your hard-earned money in Green Oil Plantations LTD only to lose all of your investment? You’re certainly not alone. In this guide, we take a look at where exactly Green Oil Plantations Ltd went wrong and how you can claim your investment back.

A Millettia tree plantation in Australia 

Green Oil Plantations offered shares to investors in return for helping to build their Millettia tree plantation in Australia.

The aim of the plantation was to produce large quantities of oil from the trees and to sell them as biofuel, animal feed and fertiliser for the agricultural industry. Investors were promised high returns from their investment, as is often the case with many mis-sold SIPPs, which seemed too good of an opportunity to pass up for many. 

There was also an environmental factor that played a part for many investors, with Green Oil Plantations Ltd claiming the green investment would help to reduce the world’s use of crude oil. However, many SIPPs investors lost their hard-earned money at the hands of the Green Oil Plantations Ltd investment.

Why did Green Oil Plantations enter administration?

Despite promises of high yields for SIPPs investors, Green Oil Plantation failed to deliver. The first harvest was delayed and generated much less income and cash than initially promised. This led to the company entering administration in 2013, leaving every single investor without a penny – including the large amounts of money they invested.

What to do if you lost money investing in Green Oil Plantations Ltd

If you lost money as part of this mis-sold investment, you may be eligible for a compensation claim. The FSCS has been setting aside money to help people like you claim against mis-sold investments – just like the Green Oil Plantations investment. 

How do I know if I was mis-sold my investment? 

Typically, just because you lost money on an investment doesn’t mean you were mis-sold. However, if you meet any of the below criteria you have likely been mis-sold your Green Oil Plantations Ltd SIPPs investment:

  • You were offered an investment that was not suitable for you. The Green Oil Plantations Investment is considered a high-risk investment that should have only been offered to experienced investors.
  • The conditions and risks of the investment were not explained to you. Did your Green Oil Plantations advisor explain all the necessary information to you in order for you to make an informed decision on whether to invest?
  • You were advised to invest all or most of your savings into the Green Oil Plantations investment.

There are many signs that you may have been mis-sold your SIPPs investment – you can read more about the top signs you were mis-sold a pension investment on our blog. To begin the process of claiming back the money you invested into the plantation, contact our team today. Our experts will take care of the hard work, you’ll just need to provide a few details to kick-start the process.

Fill out a claims form to get started or call our SIPPs claims team directly on 0161 968 0768.