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What is a Green Oil Plantations investment?

This was an investment set up here in the UK, to fund Australian Mellettia tree plantations. People invested a lot of money into this, the idea being that oil would be harvested from the trees and used to ultimately make a huge profit. It is believed that up to £24 million was invested into Green Oil Plantations.


What happened to Green Oil Plantations Ltd?

Despite this plan, Green Oil Plantations unfortunately went into liquidation – leaving numerous investors in less than fortunate positions. The millions invested was nowhere to be seen. Many of the investors had put money into Green Oil Plantations Ltd through a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) and ended up losing large amounts of their money, much of which has already been claimed back in compensation.

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Poor advice on Green Oil Plantations investments

Because of what happened, investors who received bad advice on Green Oil Plantations Ltd investments could now be owed a large sum of money. 

At Expert Pension Claims, we promise to fight your corner so you can be sure of the best chance of success. To find out more about claiming back for your Green Oil Plantation mis-sold investment, fill in the claims form on this page or call our team of experts on 0161 968 0768.

Other mis-sold investments

Green Oil Plantations was one type of investment where people lost a lot of money, but by no means was it the only one. There are a number of different high risk investments where investors ended up entitled to compensation. Do you suspect you were mis-sold another type of investment? Even if you’re not sure, we’ll be happy to talk it through with you. 

Other mis-sold investments include:

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