Founded in 2010, Green Oil Plantations Ltd. was an investment scheme which, like a great number of other schemes, used the environment to entice investors. The scheme was a UCIS (Unregulated Collective Investment Scheme) and it collected up to £25 million from investors – all of whom lost significant amounts of money. 

We could help recoup the money you may have invested and lost through mis-sold Green Oil Plantations investments. We have seen many schemes use the environment like Green Oil Plantations did – as a way to play on an investor’s moral judgements.

If you were advised by a financial professional to make a Green Oil Plantations SIPP transfer, then you will likely be eligible for a compensation claim. As with all financial advice, if you were told to take your pension from a safe and trusted occupational scheme and transfer that into a SIPP (self-invested personal pension), you may have received bad financial advice which would likely have placed you in financial hardship.

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What happened with the Green Oil Plantations investments?

Seeking investment capital to fund a tree plantation in Australia, Green Oil Plantations Ltd. raised huge amounts of money (almost £25m) despite the fact that it was an extremely high-risk scheme. As we’ve seen in similar schemes, it was also unregulated, which meant the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) was not able to ensure proper processes were upheld.

The premise was that the tree oil from the Green Oil plantation would be harvested after two years of growing. Primarily, the oil would be sold as biofuel as well as fertiliser and livestock food. In initial returns forecasts, there were promises of high oil yields to come within the first two years. These yields never came to fruition and the 1,131 investors received little to no of the promised returns. In the end, Green Oil Plantations went into administration in 2013.

Given that most investors parted with significant sums of money taken from pensions that were safe, steady, and guaranteed, it is absolutely vital that they make a claim to receive compensation for which they are entitled. If you were a Green Oil Plantations investor, you may have lost retirement funds, leading to a significant loss and change in lifestyle when the time comes to retire. 

We have written more about the Green Oil Plantations scheme here: it goes further into detail than we do here, and will provide you with an abundance of information and resources relating to the investment scheme.

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