Self-Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) have offered an exciting opportunity for those saving for their retirements to do so in a strategic way, with chances to make significant returns on some interesting investments. At the time, Harlequin Property investments looked very tempting and appealing to pension savers. Unfortunately, that didn’t last. Investing in properties in the Caribbean understandably appears to be very attractive, but this particular investment has left many with no returns.

The scheme is now under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office, and millions of pounds have been claimed back. We are looking to support UK savers who have been affected by Harlequin Property – could that be you?

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The Harlequin Property investment

At the time, SIPP investments from Harlequin Property were made to look very tempting and appealing to pension savers. But that unfortunately didn’t last, with the scheme now under investigation by the Serious Fraud Office.

If you have been affected then our team might be able to help. We have experience as a combined team, and have helped to recover compensation for our clients where mis-selling of SIPPs and other products occurred.

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What is Harlequin Property Services?

Harlequin Property made it look like a fantastic investment opportunity for a retirement saver wanting to enhance their pension pot prospects. Independent financial advisors (IFAs) were selling this plan and scheme heavily. They found it relatively easy to convince investors to get on board due to the projected returns that they said would be possible. IFAs were earning anything up to 15% when they sold these policies into people’s SIPPs, and the total investment gathered from UK savers amounted to around four hundred million pounds. This money was going to be invested in properties abroad, including hotels and villas in places such as Brazil and the Caribbean.

Your IFA probably told you that Harlequin Property was a secure, sound investment and even regulated by the FCA. Still, it wasn’t, and only a small proportion of the properties were ever actually built. The following resorts sit within the mis-sold investments portfolio from Harlequin Property:

  • Buccament Bay in St Vincent & the Grenadines
  • Merricks in Barbados
  • Marquis Estate in St Lucia
  • The Hideaway in the Dominican Republic
  • Las Canas in the Dominican Republic
  • Two Rivers in the Dominican Republic
  • Garapua Beach Resort in Brazil
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Multi-layered companies, on-going investigations, and different cases have meant that this situation is very complex and being able to get your money back may be a challenge – but one we believe you should accept! Many Harlequin property investors still haven’t seen a return on their investments, and even though Harlequin property developments were not regulated by the FCA (meaning that it is now harder to make a claim), there is still a chance to get money back. The company or persons that recommended you invest your SIPP and savings and received a commission could be liable to pay compensation back to you.

Our team believes that there has been a massive issue with the mis-selling of Harlequin Property investments, and as such, these cases need to be compensated for. We are very keen to speak to any clients or victims of mis-selling who would like to start with a Harlequin pension claim. Claims could be time-sensitive, so the sooner you act, the better chance of success you stand.

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