Investors in the UK were targeted in numerous ways, and with various types of SIPP claims. One of those types was the Walsall Burial Plots. If this sounds familiar and you have lost money on an investment-related to Walsall Burial Plots, you might want to get professional advice from Expert Pension Claims.

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Walsall Burial Plots Explained

Much like other types of high-risk investments, and investments that were not regulated by the FCA, those investing were given poor advice at the time of parting with their money. Those who bought into Walsall Burial Plots were led to believe there would be significant profits made, only to find out that they would be very disappointed indeed.


SIPP Mis-Selling

Walsall Burial Plots were a type of SIPP that was mis-sold, but there are also other types of SIPP mis-selling that Expert Pension Claims can help with. 

As a result of the high fees earned, advisers convinced savers to switch to SIPPs purely to gain additional commission. Some SIPP advisers encouraged clients to pay their savings into investments abroad which have subsequently dissolved, with savers losing large amounts of money.

Poor advice on Walsall Burial Plots SIPPs

Put simply, bad advice could mean you are owed money. We only employ the best team members to fight in your corner, so when you make your claim with Expert Pension Claims, you can be sure you have the best chance of success.

Where your SIPP provider does not uphold your complaint, we can then take your case to the Financial Ombudsman. The Financial Ombudsman finds in favour of two-thirds of SIPP cases, so there is a good chance you will be successful – especially with expert representation from our team.

Have I been mis-sold a Walsall Burial Plot Investment?

That’s a question we can help you with. As specialists in investment mis-selling, we will be able to tell you in seconds whether or not you have a potential claim. Whether it was a Walsall Burial Plot or another type of investment, you can simply let us know your circumstances and we will help you from there. 

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